Women's Sexualities
  Dr. Carol Rinkleib Ellison

Generations of Women Share Intimate Secrets of Sexual Self-Acceptance


The Survey questionnaires were sent out with a cover letter that stated, in part;

Our purpose is to learn more about the richness and variability in the sexual development, feelings, attitudes and experiences of American women of all ages, ethnic and religious groups, and sexual orientations.

Your questionnaire is welcome regardless of your situation, physical condition or the frequency, variety, and results of your sexual activities. You are important precisely because of your unique background, attitudes, and experiences.We want to hear from you whether or not sex is important to you, whether or not you've have sex with a partner in the last 10 years, whether or not you have orgasms.

The questionnaire is completely anonymous.
No one will be able to identify you in any way.

Remember - the questionnaire is here for VIEWING ONLY. Please DO NOT answer the questions and send your answers to me.

You may, however, wish to read through the Survey and answer the questions for your own benefit.

These are some of the comments from women who found the experience of thinking about their answers to the questions valuable:

The choices give you the message that it is okay to feel one way or another. There is no one right way.

The questionnaire is comforting because it makes you look at your sexual experiences longitudinally rather than just at the recent ending of my marriage.

It was thought provoking, it created a kind of mindfulness about these issues.

It helped me clarify some difficulties I was having with my partner.

Even if you experience something uncomfortable, you are not alone. There are other women out there to share these things with you. Even if you've never told anyone.

Remember - the questionnaire is here for VIEWING ONLY. Please DO NOT answer the questions and send your answers to me.

Questionnaire Sexuality of Women: A Survey

A. About Yourself

B. About Your Relationships

C. About Your Family of Origin

D. About Your Early Sexual Experiences

E. About Your Sexual Partners

F. About Self-Stimulation

G. About Your Experience of Orgasm

H. About Your Feelings During and After Sex

I. About Your Sexual Satisfaction within a Relationship

J. About Initiation Sex and Sexual Communication

K. About Sexual Expression and Concerns

L. About Your Body

M. About Frequency and Quality of Touching Activities

N. About Sexuality and Menstrual Cycles

O. About Pregnancy

P. About Contraceptives

Q. About STDs

R. About Affairs

S. About Sexual Life Over Time

Thank You!